White-Collar Crime

Our performance stands out in the defense of legal entities and individual’s interests, especially in the areas of tax evasion, the environment, consumer law, intellectual property, public procurement, the economy, finance, electronic media crimes and any others arising from business activity. Additionally, we provide legal opinion and advice on preventative measures as well as being fully prepared to assist our clients during searches, seizures and arrests. In the area of intellectual property, we have broad experience in dealing with anti-counterfeiting programs and taking legal measures against lawbreakers.



Since 2003, we have been working in complex cases of compliance; assisting our clients by conducting internal investigations in cases of fraud, corruption, antitrust, and money laundering. We have also developed broad expertise in relationships with Brazilian authorities as well as leniency agreements. We design entire compliance systems, prepare and adapt codes of conduct, create internal policies, develop hospitality guides, develop risk assessments, conduct training, and perform due diligence in mergers and acquisitions.

Crisis Management

Our team has a special ability in crisis management. We monitor searches and seizures conducted by federal or state police as well as any subsequent investigations, including those conducted by Congress, and relationship with the press.